Specialization and Teamwork

Since 1993, when the Federal Economic Competition Law came into effect, our firm has had the privilege to advise various national and international companies on the most emblematic and relevant competition matters, contributing to the development of this subject in Mexico.

Our firm’s lawyers specialized in the economic competition matters, are exclusively devoted to this area, a fact that offers our clients a deep theoretical and practical knowledge in this field.

In addition, Basham is an interdisciplinary firm specialized in almost all areas of the law that provide invaluable input to economic competition, such as mergers and acquisitions, criminal law, health law, intellectual property, labor law, foreign trade law and transportation regulations. Since markets are regulated by specific laws, our firm offers clients an important advantage against competitors and assures them that proposed solutions are feasible and valid in all legal areas.

Seamless Services

Our firm has developed various preventive and corrective measures to assist clients in the preparation of trade policies and strategies that allow them to outperform competitors within the applicable legal framework, as follows: