Associates CDMX


Associate of the firm in the Environmental and Sustainability Consulting area in the Mexico City Office. His main area of concentration is in providing assistance to companies with operations in Mexico with respect to environmental regulatory compliance.
He formerly worked in the Environmental Protection Office of the Federal District (Mexico City) and then acted as legislative advisor in the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico’s Federal Congress during the 60th legislature.
His professional practice comprises the matters of hazardous wastes, national waters, transference and remediation of polluted sites, environmental assessments, among others.
Mr. Evangelista has participated as invited speaker to the following events:
The Annual Meeting of the U.S. American Bar Association Conference entitled, "An Overview of the Mexican Renewable Energies", held in Mexico City on November 9th, 2012; and The conference organized by Dofiscal Thomson Reuters entitled, “New Environmental Obligations for Corporations and government”, held in Mexico City on June 28th, 2013.


Lawyer who studied at Mexico City’s Escuela Libre de Derecho from 1998 through 2003 and graduated with the thesis entitled “The Administrative Legal Framework of Acoustic Pollution in Mexico – Efficiency of its Application.”
In addition, he has taken different diploma courses in environmental matters such as: “Derecho Ambiental y de los Recursos Naturales” (Environmental and Natural Resources Law) taught by the Instituto Autonomo de Mexico (ITAM), “El Sector del Agua en Mexico” (Water Sector in Mexico) taught by the Barra Mexicana Colegio de Abogados (Mexican Bar Association), and “Tipicidad de los Delitos Contra el Ambiente y la Gestion Ambiental” (Classification of Environmental Offences and Environmental Management) taught by the Training Center of the Attorney General’s Office of the Federal District and the Environmental Protection Office of the Federal District.


Spanish and English.