About Foundation

Since the firm’s foundation, Mr. Basham promoted Pro bono work in the firm, tradition that has been developing for over a century. In 2007, as an effort to institutionalize Pro Bono Work in Basham, the Firm established Basham Foundation.


Basham Foundation aims to provide free legal assistance to nonprofit organizations and social entrepreneurs for the development of their projects. It is our intention to provide a sound legal structure and effective counseling to the Civil Society Organizations ("CSOs") and social entrepreneurs working with Basham Foundation to facilitate the fulfillment of their objectives for the benefit of the vulnerable groups they serve.


Consolidate Basham Foundation as promoter of as a strong growing Mexico, with increasingly active participation of civil society, as a provider of effective legal advice and quality services to organizations working for the common benefit.


  • - Professional ethics: Our attorneys make the difference. We are committed to honor and respect the Mexican legal framework, fostering proper compliance with applicable legal provisions amongst our beneficiaries.
  • - Quality and Professionalism: The Pro Bono work is equally important for the development and growth of our Firm. Our beneficiaries deserve and receive the same treatment as any of the clients of Basham, Ringe and Correa S.C.
  • - Efficiency: We understand that CSOs resources are limited and should be destined to social benefit. We are committed to being efficient with our work and requirements just to make sure we can maximize the application of CSOs resources where they belong: developing projects.
  • - Commitment: Our work is significant because it helps to strengthen and institutionalize CSOs. We aim to be allies of CSOs in the medium and long term, demonstrating our commitment by means of our results.
  • - Leadership: Since the establishment of Basham Foundation it is our desire and intention to consolidate our position as leaders in Pro Bono work in Mexico. We assume our responsibility to generate opportunities from what we do best: law.
  • Recognitions

Basham has been distinguished as a leading firm in pro bono work, as a recipient of the: "Pro Bono Leading Light" recognition by the Latin Lawyer magazine in 2012 and 2013.

Basham obtained “The Pro Bono Award” by Fundacion Appleseed de Mexico, A.C. in 2014.

Pro Bono Work

Considering the predominantly corporate orientation of the Firm, Basham Foundation focuses on supporting CSOs and social entrepreneurs in the creation and maintenance of the legal structures necessary for their operation.

We want to ensure and strengthen our beneficiaries by means of our work, so that the legal issues inherent to their activities do not become a barrier.

Exceptionally by means of prior case analysis, we also provide legal services to individuals demonstrating a lack of financial means to obtain proper legal advice.


To apply one must fill out an application form, which will be delivered to the Administrative Coordinator of the Foundation. The Coordinator will contact the beneficiary by its selected way of contact and will schedule a meeting with him at the offices of Basham, Ringe y Correa S.C. to learn in detail of the circumstances of the matter in question.

Once the matter has been reviewed amongst the Beneficiary and the Coordinator, the Coordinator will send the information to the Foundation Committee, who will collegiately decide to approve or deny endorsement.

Once the approval of the Committee is granted, the Coordinator will seek an attorney or attorneys available within the Firm, to provide the legal assistance required according to their area of practice.

Attorneys' fees will be absorbed by the Firm, while all additional costs for the providing of the Pro Bono services (such as notarization of documents, transfers, etc ...) must be paid by the beneficiary.

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