Environmental Law & Sustainability Consulting

Environmental Law & Sustainability Consulting

Our country’s search for sustainable development has driven national environmental laws to a constant evolution, created efficient environmental authorities and, above all, inspired a conscious society demanding of its right to a healthy environment.

As a consequence, companies interested in making business in Mexico must now show a sense of environmental responsibility beyond mere compliance with applicable law. For example, financial institutions -in Mexico and around the world- have been implementing environmental principles that establish additional requirements to those specified in law in order to finance infrastructure, industrial or real estate development projects.

Through our Environmental Law & Sustainability Consulting practice, Basham, Ringe & Correa, S.C. offers integral solutions that agree with the emerging green economy. We provide our clients with advice in subjects that encompass from the full compliance with the national environmental law to the highest international standards of sustainability.

Our firm has pioneered in the integration of an area specialized in environmental law conformed by lawyers and specialists in complementary disciplines, this allows us to provide our clients a complete and integral advice plan in all environmental matters. The services provided by our firm are, amongst others:

  • Voluntary environmental audits to determine the degree of fulfillment with environmental obligations set by both national and international law. This allows sanction prevention, processimprovement and environmental management systems optimization. It also helps reflects a better image to consumers and assure funding and investment. Such audits may include obtaining official or private certificates of environmental fulfillment and sustainable responsibility, these to achieve atriple bottom line (planet, people, profit).
  • Consulting in fundamental environmental subjects for private transactions such as funding, M&A, and purchase and sale of real estate including the transfer of polluted sites, environmental guarantees and transference of concessions, authorizations, licenses or permits.
  • Advisory in interpretation and application of federal, local or municipal environmental dispositions regarding environmental responsibility, environmental impact and damage, handling of hazardous waste, liability remediation and environmental emergencies.
  • Assistance in obtaining concessions, authorizations, licenses and permits granted by environmental authorities either federal, local or municipal such as environmental impact authorization, risk studies, authorization to modify the land use of forest land, concessions to occupy the federal maritime zone, among others.
  • Integral consultancy in matters of national waters including its tax implications as well as the obtaining and transference of concessions to exploit them, occupy federal land, permits to discharge wastewater, the execution of hydraulic infrastructure works, among others.
  • Advisory and representation in administrative and judicial procedures as well as in the substantiation of inspection visits from environmental authorities.
  • Advice in projects associated with the green economy as well as projects of greenhouse gas emission reduction for obtaining carbon permits before the Clean Development Mechanism or other international voluntary markets. Development of sustainable forestry projects under national legislation and under United Nations REDD+ program.
  • Counseling in the implementation and fulfillment of the Equator Principles before financial institutions to assure funding for infrastructure, industrial and real estate development projects.

Relevant Transactions

In the last few years, we have excelled as environmental consultants in the following projects:

  • Construction of the Natural Gas duct Los Ramones, phase one.
  • Construction of Container Terminal II in the Port of Lazaro Cardenas.
  • Review and advisory in environmental matters regarding all legal documents regulating the construction and operation of the underwater tunnel in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz.
  • Consultancy in the negotiation of a biogas collection agreement and in obtaining Certified Emission Reductions before the Clean Development Mechanism for a private landfill in Tecamac, State of Mexico.
  • Consultancy in the construction of Mayakoba’s tourist and residential development in Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo.
  • Advisory in the construction and operation of new industrial facilities in different states of the country for companies such as Tetra Pak, Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolagemt and The Coca-Cola Export Corporation branch in Mexico.
  • Environmental voluntary audits to industrial facilities of leading companies in the food, beverage, automotive, pharmaceutical, personal hygiene and home care branches.