Estate Planning and Asset Protection

Estate Planning and Asset Protection

Basham´s expertise

Our firm advises private clients and families on planning and organizing their assets, eliminating the uncertainty related to the way in which the estate of an individual is managed, seeking to maximize the value of his or her property through appropriate investments and the reduction of unnecessary tax burdens and other expenses.

We also seek to organize and preserve the property of minors and those not legally capable of managing their own affairs, as well as to protect family assets against various business, legal, or security risks.

Currently we advise high and ultra-high net worth individuals and families in organizing the relationship between them and their businesses, through guidelines, trusts (fideicomisos), and corporate governance procedures, among others.

Our services include:

  • Advice on estate planning during the life of the individual or in contemplation of death for the purpose of minimizing tax and reducing uncertainty in the inheritance process;
  • The design and implementation of appropriate legal steps and vehicles intended to protect wealth, as well as the planning of its disposition and distribution;
  • The review, regular monitoring, and adjustment of structures that have been implemented in order to decide upon whether to continue with them and to review their tax efficiency, based on the evolution of applicable legislation;
  • Due diligence reviews, regularization and taking of inventories of assets to be protected; Family corporate governance;
  • Regularization of tax obligations;
  • Advice on tax transparency and capital repatriation;
  • Structuring of insurance policies for the protection of assets and individuals (i.e. inheritance equalization);
  • Coordination of family offices;
  • Resolution of legal inheritance disputes.