Government Procurement

Government Procurement

Although Mexico is working to simplify its regulatory framework, as in any modern society many aspects of doing business are governed by a mixture of statutes, regulations, and official practice. Mexico has also been reducing the direct participation of government in business, leading to the privatization of many companies and operations previously government owned. Finally, as a result of better government practice, the requirements of free trade treaties, and privatization, bidding for government procurement, and public works projects has assumed increasing importance. Basham, Ringe y Correa offers services, not only in assisting clients in complying with administrative laws and regulations in these areas, whether federal, state or local, but also in defending clients against government decisions which infringe the rights guaranteed by law and Mexico’s Federal Constitution.

The practice group offers the following services in this area, among others, advising on:

  • Development, monitoring and dealing with the verification visits by federal, state and / or municipal administrative authorities.
  • Legal administrative regulation of real estate.
  • Dealing with licenses, permits and authorizations from federal, state and / or municipal entities.
  • Liability of public servants.
  • Consultancy and representation in matters of expropriation.
  • Consultancy and implementation of actions to be taken in order to comply with federal, state and municipal legislation, to prevent any eventuality.
  • Litigation before Federal and Local Administrative Courts.
  • Presentation of constitutional appeals (amparo) against laws and administrative acts.

Relevant Operations

  • Legal representation to Pokerstars to carry out the sponsorship of the first poker tournament in Mexico known as “Life Poker Championship Tournament” organized by Pringsa.
  • Legal representation to carry out the construction and operation of a new laboratory, support for obtaining the environmental and administrative permits and license of the project.
  • Legal advice to Servicios Pirelli México in administrative matters in connection with the granting of incentives by the Government of Guanajuato as well as Due Diligence of the purchase property.
  • Legal representation in the Due Diligence of SMR Automotive company identify as “Project Mars”, providing information with respect to all licenses, permits, authorizations and approvals from any governmental, licensing or regulatory body that are currently held by the Company in administrative matters and any risk detected.
  • Legal representation of International Container Terminal Services, Inc. in the administrative procedure for the awarding of the contract for the construction and operation of a new container terminal in the Manzanillo Port in Colima, Mexico.
  • Legal representation of Prolec GE Internacional, S. de R.L. de C.V. in the conciliation proceeding with the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) regarding a 2.5 million dollar deduction, obtaining the payment of 1.5 million dollars.
  • Support and representation to Federal Express Holdings in legal defense in connection with transportation permits and conditions of the same that in Mexico have only been granted to the company.