Information Techonology

Information Techonology

Basham's Expertise

The rapid development of new technologies, especially of information technologies, has brought significant benefits to our society and therefore their use has become essential both, in our daily lives and at an organizational level.

As a result of these developments and due to the way we do business, market and clients’ needs have changed regarding the complexity involved in compliance with laws that do not consider the implications the use of technology conveys, and the emergence of different problems to those that usually occur in the physical world or offline.

In this sense, Basham has provided specialized legal services to its clients, national and multinational companies, such as pharmaceutical companies, software companies or technology companies, on legal issues related to the implementation, development and commercialization of new technologies; and now it intends to continue to do so by consolidating the area of Information Technology, which focuses primarily on providing the following services:

  • Privacy and Data Protection. The legal services we provide on data protection consist mainly in: advising companies on how to properly comply or implement the requirements set out in the data protection laws; drafting and implementing privacy policies and privacy notices; advising on the rights of data subject’s (access, rectification, cancellation and objection rights); providing advice on domestic and international transfers of data; on the sending of marketing communications, on the use of tracking technologies, security measures and security (data) breaches, litigation, among others.
  • Information Technology Contracts. General advice and assistance in the negotiation, review, localization and drafting of contracts such as application service provision, software contracts (development, licenses, etc.), hardware, maintenance and cloud computing agreements, escrow, IT outsourcing, hosting and housing contracts, among others.
  • Internet and e-commerce. Advice on legal issues that arise from doing business online, drafting terms and conditions, advice concerning advertising, use of tracking technologies (cookies), contract enforcement, liability issues, use of social media, virtual games, advice regarding applications, etc.
  • Domain Names. Registration of generic top level domain names (gTLDs), of territorial domain names (ccTLDs) and of domain names of second and third level; negotiation of transfers of domain names; and dispute resolution procedures.
  • Cybercrimes. Advice related to cybercrimes (unauthorized access to systems or hacking, Internet fraud, software piracy, Intellectual Property crimes, identity theft, etc.).
  • Litigation. Defense of all rights before the corresponding Courts, through our different specialized Litigation areas.