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Professional Experience

Mr. Rodolfo Barreda Alvarado enrolled the firm in 2011. He is Partner of the Administrative practice of the firm.
Through his professional experience, Mr. Barreda has participated of legal consulting regarding some areas of the administrative laws such as Statutory Law of Federal Public Administration, Federal Law of Public Enterprises, Law of General Means of Communication, Airports Act, General Law of Property, Public Works and Services Related to Property Law, Acquisitions, Leasing and Public Sector Services Law, General Law of Ecological Balance and Environmental Protection, and others Administrative Laws. Others activities of Mr. Barreda is litigant administrative cases in ordinary, federal and constitutional courts.
Has been lecturer and speaker in different forums, conferences, diploma courses and seminars in Administrative Law and Constitutional Law, particularly as lecturer in the 2011 Second National Forum “Iniciativa de Nueva Ley de Amparo” (New Amparo Bill) proposed by the Senate of Mexico, at Roundtable 2 “Interés Legítimo y Actos de Particulares” (Legal Interest and Non-Government Actions) and Roundtable 6 “Amparo contra Leyes” (Amparo Actions against Laws).
Is the author of: La Privatización Aeroportuaria en México – Régimen legal de la apertura a la inversión privada en las terminales aéreas de nuestro país (Airport Privatization in Mexico – Legal Regime for the Opening to Private Investment of Air Terminals in Mexico).


Is a full member of the Ilustre y Nacional Colegio de Abogados (National College of Lawyers of Mexico), participating in the Constitutional and Administrative Law, Aeronautical Law, Tax and Financial Law committees.


Mr. Barreda is a Graduated from the Law School at The National University of Mexico (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México). Other formal education includes: a Diploma Degree in Amparo Law from The Panamerican University (Universidad Panamericana) and a Diploma Degree in Stock Market Law from The Mexican Stock Market Intermediaries Association (Asociación Mexicana de Intermediarios Bursátiles). He is studying the Master of “Constitutional Law and Human Rights” at the Panamerican University (Universidad Panamericana).


Spanish and English.