Renewable Energies & Electric Power

Renewable Energies & Electric Power

Our firm provides advice to national and multinational companies on services related to the electric sector and power projects, based on renewable energy sources. Our experienced lawyers also provide advice on a number of strategies that investors may use to invest in power generation in Mexico.

We represent important companies in the renewable energy sector and provide a full range of legal services, including obtaining and renewing of government approvals and permits, assisting in the sale or supply of equipment to private and public entities, as well as helping clients in the acquisition of companies and assets in this sector. The lawyers and engineers of the energy practice group work closely with lawyers of other areas of the firm when advising clients with respect to electric power projects.

Our experience has increased through the years and Basham is proud to currently handle several electric power and renewable energy projects, including advice on design and financing of all phases of infrastructure up to its completion, as required by Mexican law, such as: co-generation, self-supply, independent power production, export strategies, etc.


  • 1. Development and financing of electric power projects;
  • 2. Advice on regulatory and environmental matters;
  • 3. Advice on climate change projects;
  • 4. Bidding processes, specialized administrative litigation, and dispute resolution;
  • 5. Obtaining and renewing of permits and authorizations;
  • 6. Advising on compliance with environmental laws and administrative regulations of the companies involved in the energy sector;
  • 7. Mergers and acquisitions;
  • 8. Access to capital markets;
  • 9. Contracts with providers, customers and investors;
  • 10. Design and structure of renewable energy projects;
  • 11. Due diligence review.

Relevant Transactions

  • Advice on the design and implementation of self-supply power projects;
  • Advice on the design, implementation and development of tidal energy projects;
  • Advice on the design, implementation and development of landfills for power generation;
  • Advice on climate change projects under the Kyoto Protocol;
  • Advice on execution of certified emission reduction sale and purchase agreements (“CERSPA”); and