Shipping Law & Ports Law

Seguridad Shipping Law & Ports Law

With Mexico’s growing integration into the global economy and the resulting increase in imports and exports by sea, Mexico’s ports have assumed more importance and with this, maritime law has taken on greater significance. As a result, Basham, Ringe y Correa has also seen an increase in its maritime law practice. The firm’s Maritime Law Practice Group advises clients on a wide range of maritime transportation matters and related issues, whether of a regulatory or purely commercial nature.

Our practice group offers the following services in this area, among others, advising on.

  • Acquiring, constructing, leasing, registering, and financing ships.
  • Navigation and the carriage of people and goods by sea.
  • Representing clients in regulatory proceedings and related litigation.
  • Preparing charter parties, bills of lading and other documents relating to cargo and passenger service.
  • Public and private procurement and competitive bidding involving ports.
  • Ship’s liens and mortgages.
  • Towage, pilotage, collisions, and salvage.
  • Resolving international jurisdictional disputes involving shipping.
  • Legal risk management and limitation of liability.
  • Obtaining navigation permits.
  • Insurance and re-insurance.